Thursday, December 15, 2011

Just keep swimming

You know that cartoon where the lady is laying on her back with her feet in the air with a weigh scale resting on top of the soles of her feet, and the caption says something like, "The correct way to weigh yourself"?  I've felt like doing that here too!

After 10 days, I am feeling good, I'm able to go through my workout easier and push myself further, and I imagine my clothes are fitting better.  But the scale hasn't moved.  I should have measured all my inches so I had another measurement by which to gauge my success, because it's hard to go on when I'm expecting progress and not seeing it.

My wonderful husband comforts me with the fact that I'm building muscle and it weighs more than fat, and once I have a good muscle tone, it will start burning those fat cells quickly.  He's so good to me!  I know this in my head but it would be nice to just have some results!

It was after the kids went to bed that I got my workout in today, and it sure is tough going with food in my stomach!  And I was tired after a full day, it was tough slugging getting through it!

I am currently using the Leslie Sansone's Walk away the Pounds DVD, a living room walking program that includes some weights and upper body strengthening as well.  I quite like it, it's good for my out-of-shape body.  The DVD has two 1 mile programs, and two 2 mile, as well as a Pilates workout.  I've been doing the 2 mile programs over the past 10 days except for Tuesday when I did a 1 mile, I could tell my fitness level was increasing because I didn't even crack a sweat.  It was rather disappointing!

I think I'm going to get more of her DVDs, it does get a bit boring doing the same thing day after day!  I'm intrigued by T-Tapp as well, and while Gillian Michaels looks good, I think I'd hurt myself doing her routine, maybe when I'm leaner.

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