Friday, December 9, 2011

What goes in...

I've been trying to formulate a plan in my mind, a roadmap of what the next 5 months will look: what I will eat and not eat, what physical torture - I mean exercise - will I put my body through, what will I read, what will I write...  While I don't have anything written in stone, I am developing a few ideas.

Food is uppermost on my mind today.  It was a tough day, you could say I 'hit the wall' when it came to the initial energy that's come with the decision to start losing it.  It was really tough not to lose myself in bread with honey or those chocolate covered cookies sitting in my pantry.  It was a draggy day, difficult from the moment I woke.  Physically sore and tired, demanding children, cluttered house, backlog of work, did I mention difficult children?

I thought about food a lot.  It's amazing how habitual it is to just pop that extra corner of bread into my mouth, or clean up the kids leftovers.  I thought a lot of a quote I heard somewhere, " can either go to waste, or your waist."  I've got to quit being the garburator of the house, and choose the best instead.  Besides, nothing goes to waste at our house, whatever it is, the goats, chickens, dogs or compost pile will make use of it!

God created food for us, all manner of good and delicious things.  And while I know sacrifices will have to be made, I need to make choices that will satisfy my nutritional needs and taste good.  I enjoy food and I'm not sacrificing the pleasure I receive from a beneficial thing.  In my daily menu, I am choosing the freshest and best food possible, meat and vegetables grown here on our own farm, dairy from our goat and eggs from our chickens.  Fruit is a bit more difficult, most of the fruit I've preserved over the summer is in a sugar syrup, something I am attempting to avoid.  I'll be freezing more fruit or drying it next year!  I'll fill the gaps from the grocery store.  I really wish it was summer so I could eat my own salad goods :(   Processed, tin canned, and fast food are on the black list, and I'm trying to avoid wheat, yeast, and sugar in an attempt to rid my body of the nasty yeasts it's accumulated in the past while and that have made themselves evident time and again.  I have been drinking a cup of tea or coffee everyday, with cream... I've also decided to allow myself one treat item a day of my choice, a reward of sorts for being a 'good girl' :)

I watched a documentary on Netflix tonight that really brought into focus what my husband and I are attempting to do here on our little farm.  'Food, Inc.' was a very interesting unfolding of the behind the scenes of the food industry in America and how the demand for uniform and cheap food from the fast food industry has reduced the quality of food even in our grocery stores to fast-food standards.  A revealing documentary for any of you that are interested in the real food movement.  It made me very thankful for those six roosters that found their way into our freezer yesterday, and for the hours I spent preserving food this summer so we could enjoy it all winter.

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Michelle said...

I love your ideas on food choices!! I always think that healthy eating isn't exclusively rice cakes...blech. Glad you're going for one cream in one coffee. That's a sensible lifestyle that can be maintained. I buy "six packs" of romaine at costco for $4 in the winter...thankful that it can be so cheap when we live so far north. Keep up the good work!