Wednesday, December 7, 2011

On the wagon

I realized today that Christmas is coming.  Yes, it's not a real surprise considering that my shopping is done and the calendar states the date quite clearly.  What I hadn't considered was how hard this is going to be during the season-of-many-feasts.  Candy canes, sugar cookies, shortbread, chocolates, appetizers loaded with bread and cheese... these are a few of my favorite things!!  I've just succeeded in making my stomach growl and I'm not even exposed to the temptation yet!  I'm going to have to develop some iron-clad willpower before the festivities commence!

I managed to stay away from all yeast, sugar, and wheat today.  In fact, it was a really good day thanks to the fact that I knew I was going to have to get on here and confess if it wasn't, and even if nobody reads this, I still have to confess!!  My headache was present again today, a niggling one that seemed to echo the dull gnawing hunger in my stomach.  A friend suggested probiotics to help with the cravings.  I hunted around in my fridge and found some with a best before date of 2009, so I took some extra in case they've lost their potency.

My kids watched while I sweated along to my 'extra-size movie'.  I encouraged them to join in, and they did a bit of arm waving and leg manipulation, but then sat back on the couch and snuggled in under a blanket to watch the stick-thin ladies on the screen perform the program in perfect unison.  Occasionally they would glance my way to see if I was managing to work it like the ladies on the screen, and to contribute by way of constructive criticism.  I'd like to think I received it well.

I'm thankful for a good day.  I may celebrate with a small piece of dark chocolate.  For medicinal purposes.  :)

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