Thursday, December 8, 2011

Lies & Tomfoolery

My scale lies.  That's all there's to it.  After 2 whole days of eating like a bird and exerting myself more-or-less in sync with the ladies on the screen, I figured I should be at least a couple of pounds towards my goal.  I was actually looking forward to getting on the scale, I was feeling good and, in my mind's eye, beginning to look a bit like Cindy Crawford.  With this expectation, I was more than a little surprised to find myself betrayed by that dial that said I was UP 3 POUNDS!!  Lies!!  I'll be picking up a new scale next time I'm in town. 

It was a pretty good day, the afternoon got busy and by necessity, my husband got supper together for us, spring rolls and spanakopita from the freezer.  The chinese/greek combo didn't do much for me but the time was short and the stomach hungry.  Supper got chased down by one of the kid's candy canes. The mint helped cut the grease from the spring rolls.  Tomorrow will be better...

I've discovered a miracle cure for appetite: transferring chickens from the coop to the freezer.  Six of our young roosters found their way into our freezer today, and I mysteriously had no cravings for anything during that time and a while after.  It's not really a long-term solution though, we've got only 3 more to 'transfer'.

Tomorrow's distraction will be Christmas decorating :)

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Michelle said...

It's muscle weight! Honest! Always happens when starting a new exercise program. The good news is that those muscles burn more energy even when at rest! Keep it up. :-) You're awesome.